The Best Potato Recipes For Diet

  • on July 13, 2018
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The Best Potato Recipes For Diet

Potato recipes for diet can be your best consideration. If you looking for the best diet tips with low calories, potato will be great recipe you love to eat. Yes, it’s true that potato has huge benefit for our body and it depends on how we cook it to get the best yet healthy nutrition for diet progress. One important thing if you want to eat potato : don’t fry it because it can be a wrong way to cook it. There are many ways to cook potato in healthy way and that’s why this article want to give you those tips and recommendations!

Smashed Potatoes and Comichon

Why You Should Eat Potato For Diet

Why you should eat potato for diet? Maybe that’s your biggest question. Well, potato has many benefits for your body. Here are some reasons why you should eat potato for your diet consumption instead of other food sources :

– Although potato has flat, dark color, that doesn’t mean potato has no benefit or advantages for your body. Quite the contrary because in potato’s case, this food has huge nutrition in low carb that will be good for your diet consumption. Not only that, potato contains mineral that will be good for your body sistem and avoid bad risks such as infection, heart diseases or blood pressure.

– In a right portion, potato can be nice meal for people with obesity problem. Many cases describe the best result when people with obesity problem consume potato : it will increase their energy and lower their heavy weight condition.

– Pottasium, calcium and magnesium inside potato has big contribution to support your bone structure in the best way. More than that, the iron nutrition inside potato will give big strength for your bone : it’s so recommended for old people or people with age above 50.

– Potato also can be the best food to avoid biggest risks such as cancer, because it contains folate that will avoid cancer cells or the risks of getting it. So, not only metabolism and calories, potato plays vital role to make a healthier movement in your life!

Mashed and Baked Potatoes For Your Diet Recommendation

For potato recipes, there are two best ways to cook potato : mashed and baked potatoes. Mashed potato is a safe way to cook it. Ideal for your breakfast, lunch or even dinner time. This soft and warm food can be cooked with garlic, cream and cheese or other food sources for richer flavour and more yummy taste. The process of cooking is so easy : boil salted water, add potatoes and cook it after 15-20 minutes. After that, you can use potato masher and mash it until it turns soft and smooth. Ready to eat and very perfect for your diet menu.

What about baked potato recipe? It’s also very easy to be cooked! You only need to heat an oven to 350 degrees, place the potatoes inside the oven, wait for 60-75 minutes. After that, cut the skin of potato and enjoy your simple but very healthy meal. This baked potato is very nice for instant breakfast or before-you-go-sleep meal.

So, what do you think? Enjoy to consume potato recipes for diet ?

Chicked Salad with Potatoe

Easy Potatoes Recipes for Dinner

some weight loss potato recipes

Smashed Potatoes and Comichons

Smashed Potatoes and Comichons

Chicked Salad with Potatoes

Chicked Salad with Potatoes


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