Head Lettuce Cherry and Kiwi Smoothie Recipe

  • on June 9, 2018
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Head Lettuce Cherry and Kiwi Smoothie Recipe
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
5 mins
Total Time
10 mins

If you like foods and drinks which contain rich ingredients you should try our special Head Lettuce Cherry and Kiwi Smoothie Recipe that we prepare for you. This recipe is good for people who want to get rid of their extra kilos and special diet. You will be able to consume this drink whenever you want. Drink it in morning, it is your breakfast. Drink it in afternoon, it is a lunch. This smoothie’s ingredients are so popular with their contents as being rich of all types of vitamins and minerals. Also you can find these materials every supermarket, markets and maybe they even exist in your fridge now. So, you can easily prepare it every time. Now, let’s make this healthy, tasty and beneficial smoothie!

Servings: 1
Calories: 70 kcal
  • 100 gr lettuce
  • 100 gr cherry
  • 100 gr kiwi
  • 1 glass of half skimmed cow milk
  • 1 glass of yogurt
  • 1 spoon of cinnamon ground
  • 4 leaves of natural fresh mint
  1. First of all, you need to scour and peel of the kiwi. Then slice it into little cubes. Put the kiwi slices in freezer in order them to be frozen. Then put cherries’ seeds out and put it to the freezer, too. They must be well frozen because it will be easier to get them into little pieces. And it will be tastier. 

  2. Secondly, you can prepare your caramelized mix. Put a glass of half skimmed cow milk and a spoon of yogurt into the blender and mix them. Then add a spoon of cinnamon ground. 

  3. Now you can compare all your materials. Put 100gr of lettuce, 100gr of cherry and 100gr of kiwi which are already frozen into the blender and mix them until they get little pieces. Garnish it with fresh mint leaves and your Head Lettuce Cherry and Kiwi Smoothie Recipe is ready.

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